Warabi gami: sanshin


I was impressed by an Okinawa minyo called warabi gami. There are lots of warabi gami versions, and also j-pop singers had a chance to rearrange it. I saw that some of you play sanshin, and I’d like to know if someone knows this piece, or even played it!


I’m not looking for a warabi gami score, because I don’t play sanshin. I’m looking for a person who teaches sanshin. We’ll perform warabigami in the a project called kokorogen. I already posted a thread regarding this project long time ago. In other words, we’ll perform warabigami with the 25-strings koto/voice and the sanshin


News! We got a sanshin player!!! Her name is Aragaki Mutsumi. She lives in Okinawa, I think. She also makes sanshin lessons in her studio/house and online


Hello! I have a question for you. I play a nagauta shamisen and would like to learn to play Warabi Gami on it. I know it is a sanshin song but it can be done. The thing is, I never found the scale or the notes for it. I am pretty new to playing instruments so I am not able to just listen and figure out the tuning for the song. Can you help me?