Upcoming koto concerts in Finland

Well, my Finnish is non-existent, but it looks like to me like there’s about three days(?) of koto gigs coming up in Finland in May. The info at the link below was posted to the Facebook koto/Japanese musical instrument group. Since we have a few Bachido members from Finland and they seem to have had something to do with koto, I’m cross-posting here in case anyone might be interested.

Ooh awesome!

Hi.I am not interested in your offer

Thank you Linda! I’ve met Ms Ilmonen once in Helsinki.

28th Feb there is an event of a few hours in Espoo. Includes koto, shamisen, taiko and many other japanese arts. Might actually contact them and check if they’ve heard of Bachido, in case there are some shamisen hopefuls present. What I understood the event is presented by a japanese commercial entity.


Yatagarasu R, Thanks for kind info!

I hope you can contact them :smiley: and maybe find some people interested in shamisen

I sent an e-mail to mysuomi.fi (contact/organizer for the overall event as I gather). But now I noticed they are apparently japanese - will try to poke them in english if I don’t hear from them for a while! :wink:

Another place to contact could be the local Japan society, they probably have some people very interested in japanese music/instruments.

Today is the event of a few hours in Espoo. I’ll be there specially for shamisens and kotos (+taikos).

Taiko is the big attraction for me :slight_smile: We’ll be there early!

Haven’t received any replies, contacted one other organization about Japanese music in this country too, I didn’t see any evidence in the web that any folks are doing it, mostly it’s been the odd lonely wolf in these parts.